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SimCity Sports - A Newly Devoted sports website for SimCity Scs

SimCity Sports is a newly founded sports website devoted to simulation sports league based around, but not limited to SimCity.

Anyone is welcome to join SimCity Sports. Anyone can start their own sports league and join any league on the website!

Unlike other websites all leagues are given their own sub-forums for better organized seasons and posts.

League commissioners will become moderators of their leagues sub-forums for easy control.

SimCity Sports admins will actively promote your leagues events through their CJ's, website ticker and beyond.

Also unlike other sports websites, SC Sports admin team will be
devoted to keeping everything updated and keeping the success of every league at the best it can be.

All leagues will also include cool features like Media Guides in
which every player, uniform combo, court/field design and logos are
included for the pleasure of the viewers.

You'll get your best fantasy sports experience here! So we hope you check it out!

We are currently building the site, new members that help build the site will be considered for admin positions or if you just believe you'll be active enough you're welcome to apply for adminship SimCity Sports - A Newly Devoted sports website for SimCity 1

SC Sports will actively promote the leagues on other sites like here at SimMania as well. Sign-Up today!!

**SC Sports still actively promotes SimSports Simlympic Movement**

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Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Nice website. It's nice to see that some sports leagues are still coming around. I'm registered under Darth Apple. Smile

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