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Simmania is a growing SC4-fansite community that has been in existence for over three years. Our forums can be accessed through this link, or, if you are new here, there are some links below that might help you get started.

For new members, we have the New Members board. It is a place for you to hang out in the community if you aren't sure where else to start. You can also introduce yourself in this thread. We'd love to take the time to make you feel welcome!

If you are interested in what's going on with the community in general, you can access the Simmania News board by clicking here, or get the general scoop of what's going on on our twitter page. Our forum rules/staff list can be found through this link, Or, if you don't have an account yet, we would love for you register and be a part of the community! Registration is free and easy, and can be done through this link. We certainly hope you enjoy the Simmania community!

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