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1My Favorite Mods Empty My Favorite Mods 2010-09-27, 19:40


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
NAM (Network Addon Mod, as well as other components (SAM, NWM, RHW)Seriously, who doesn't like the NAM? Created by the NAM Team
RTMT (Roadtop Mass Transit)RTMT Is great and saves space in my cities! I can just stick my bus stops on top of ny roads instead of having to use the Maxis ones and use up valuable space. Must have. Created by the RTMT Peoples
Columbus Terrain ModVery good Terrain Textures, especially with snowcapped set to low (made by Jeronij)
Realistic Water ModVery great looking water! Makes for some nice screenies (Joerg and Teriusu)
Buggi's Cheat DLLGreat mod, but I barely cheat though. (Buggi)
Raise the UI ModI run 1920x1080 in Windowed Mode. Great great work, alas I do play fullscreen sometimes. (warrior)
Every Automata Mod Out ThereLove the new automata! (anybody who mods automata)
PEG God/Mayor Mode Pine Tree ModsOne of my primary god mode trees. Would recommend to anyone (Pegasus)
All the BSC Seasonal TreesMost favorite mayor mode trees and LE props. Great work. (Jeronij)
Last But Not Least, All the BSC Props and TexturesAllthough I don't use them, they make for functioning BATs at least! (BSC Team)

2My Favorite Mods Empty Re: My Favorite Mods 2010-09-28, 07:09


Gets tons of email
Gets tons of email
I prefeir Pegasu's Windjammer water mod, the HSR should be installed too.. I do not liekr peg's Pine tree mod at all, I prefeir the columbus tree controller-looks much better.

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