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1 The Commonwealth of Cascadia on 2013-03-26, 15:11



The Cascadia Flag - Credits go to Alexander Baretich for designing the flag back in 1996

Introduce to the Commonwealth of Cascadia.

This city journal is based of Cascadia claiming
it's independence from the United States of America and Canada in 2010.
Since the nation is grown in population and it's greenist ideals. The
three most populus cities in Cascadia are Seattle, Portland and
Vancouver. Seattle now being the capitol city of the new nation.

The Cascadia official languages are English, Chinook Jargon, Spanish, Catonese.

The Demonym for Cascadia is Cascadian

Total Area: 534,572 sq mi
GDP: $675 Billion
Drives on the Right
In no way do the stories and impressions given by this CJ represent my views towards the Cascadian Independence Movement.
Newspaper Update following this post Smile

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The newly founded leagues talked about in this paper can be found at! The site is a revival site for sports in SimCity. I hope everyone joins. It will be a lot of fun once everyone starts signing up for leagues! Sign up and sit back and watch your teams go at it!

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