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Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Here is the official community directory of Simmania.


Developer Diaries - similar to City Journals at Simtropolis. Show your cities and regions to the community today!

Tutorial Center - Simmania's Tutorial Center.

Showcase - This is our showcase board for skyscrapers, downtowns, rural areas, power plants, you name it!

Gaming Discussion

Other Games - This is our board for discussing games not related to SC4. It also contains our SC2013 and Minecraft discussion boards.

SC4 General Discussion - Our board for general discussion related to SC4

Simmania Related

Simmania Related - Our board for anything Simmania related. Look here to see what's going on with the community.

New Members Central - New to Simmania? Introduce yourself here! We'd love to make you feel welcome and help you find your way around our forums. Very Happy

Simmania Support Center/Awards - Have a site related question? Ask it here! This board also hosts the Simmania awards, Simmania Support squad, as well as important links to the memberlist, usergroups, etc...

Zone 51

General Off-Topic - Simmania's off-topic discussion board for anything not related to SC4. It also houses our Current Events board.

Note: civilized political/religion discussions are allowed, but they should be started in the Current Events board.

Other Sites - Simmania is open to promoting other websites by our members. Have a website you'd like to promote? Feel free to do so here.

Community Activities - Simmania's Community Activity boards for sports leagues, etc...

Forum Games - This is the casual board for all of our off-topic forum games, with some being more serious than others. Razz Feel free to join us!

Content Creation

Content Creator Diaries - The showcase board for custom content, including BATs, LOTs, and regions.

Simmania BAT team - The Simmania BAT team

Content Creation general discussion/BAT teams - This is for general discussion related to custom content. You can also find a directory of BAT teams calling Simmania home.
RTMT - the RTMT board
Simmania BAT team - SBT board

NOTE: An index of BAT team boards can always be found in the Content Creation general discussion/BAT teams board.

Other Links

Site Rules/Staff List

Live Chat (members only)

File Exchange (filecave)

Twitter News Feed

Introduce Yourself Here!

PM the head staff of Simmania - Have a question about the community? Feel free to PM one of us!

PM Blake (admin)
PM K50 (admin)
PM Simlink (admin)

I'm new here. Where do I start?
Here at Simmania, we love to see new members becoming active in the community. We are a growing fansite that has been in existence since Summer 2009, and we have many areas where you can become involved. If you are new here, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. Also, if you have any site related questions, feel free to start a thread in the Support Center, and we'll be glad to assist you. Smile

We hope you enjoy the community!

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