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1 Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-25, 22:26


Username: Suzaku

Name: Duncan

Position: Chat Co-Owner

Favorite activities: Anime, SimCity 4, and the Internet.

About Me: hi, my name is duncan. i am a 17 year old 11th grader. i am autistic, and an emo kid (but not full on emo). i am the chat co-owner, i pay for the server. my favorite activities include anime, simcity 4, the internet, and music. my favorite anime is soul eater, favorite music type is hard rock (post-grunge, alternative rock, emo, etc.), and love simcity 4! im usually pretty shy but if u have a topic that interests me i will respond most of the time. thanks for reading my post. Smile

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2 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-27, 00:27


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
this is open to all staff members right? if it is...

Screen-name: cheeseguy

Real name: Josh, refer to me by this, everyone does.

Position: Moderator of General discussion/Current events

Pastimes: Urban planning, gaming, world domination

About me: Just a person who is either 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 years old. I'm a huge fan of cars, preferably the american muscle cars. Also have interests in geography, linguistics, and computer science. I'm usually shy in real life, but on SM I'd be glad to help in any way possible. I may suddenly disappear for a few weeks or months, then come back for a few, and then leave again. I still visit the site on a daily basis just to read the new posts and occasionally make one or two of my own.

3 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-27, 03:28


Great thread Duncan Smile

Username: King K50 Dude the Amazin' (shortened K50)

Name: K (I'm anonymous online, but you're fine calling me K)

Position: Administrator

Favorite activities: I'm a Junior in high school in Portland, Oregon. Outside of here, I love sports. Going to high school sporting events is my life. If you stand in front of me or my group of friends at one, you'll probably be deaf by the time the game's over Razz Personally, I'm not an extraordinary athlete myself, but I don't really care. The jocks and the nerds are all back to square one after graduation.

About Me: I live each day one day at a time, and I dream a lot. I want a nice house with a ton of expensive cars in it, and a Malibu boat in the back. Don't try to stop me! Smile

In high school I'm kind of a weird combination between a social butterfly and a shy wallflower. Probably more of a social butterfly though. I don't know how I could get through high school without my friends, and I feel pretty bad for those who, sadly, don't have what I do.

"Thanks for the ropes you used to hold [me] down,
'cause when I break through I'ma use them to reach the clouds."

From "Thank You" by MKTO
Previously listed: "Carry On" by Fun., "Africa" by Toto, "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins, and others...

Need something?

4 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-27, 19:40


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Username: Blakesterville (or you can just call me Blake)

Name: Blake Razz

Position: Administrator

Favorite activities: I love to play music guitar and piano. I also love the strangest things from programming graphing calculators to look like the screen's broken to biking long stretches of golf course trails with no hands. (Often failing with the latter. Razz )

About me:

Oh gosh... Let's start here. I'm a seemingly highly extroverted dude that laughs at pretty much everything. Razz I'm sometimes a bit ambitious, and usually find myself forgetting that God only gave us 24 hours in a day, and that stuffing your schedule as if there are 100 hours in a day doesn't actually work. Razz Nevertheless, I have still managed to find time for a lot of stuff in my schedule, and for being a part of Simmania here.

_______________________________________________ - a new creative showcase community

5 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-27, 23:49

Ceafus 88  

Town planner
Town planner
Username: Frex_Ceafus

Name: Clayton

Position(s): Forum Moderator/Chat Moderator.

Favorite activities: I like Racing the most. My other hobbies include website management, video games, 3d modeling, and music.

About Me:

I am a sophomore in High School. I do not play sports, but am more a tech person, one of the top in my grade. I am really into the military, and support them to my highest, as you can tell from my AV. I love racing the most, I like Dale Jr in NASCAR the most out of all motorsports. I enjoy making websites, and managing them, and have gotten pretty good at it. That is all.

Ceafus 88
~Moderator of SBT Team Boards, Custom Creator Diaries, and Live Chat~

6 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-28, 02:08


SC4 insomniac
SC4 insomniac
Username: Mayorm

Name: Matt

Position(s): Site Founder, Former Admin, Former Moderator

Favorites: Sports (mostly hockey), photography, girls Razz

About Me: I love to play/ watch sports and hang out with friends. When I'm not outside the house at sports or with friends, I like to watch TV and movies. I love history, and geography and hopefully will be hired to teach those subjects.


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7 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-29, 17:36


City Planner
City Planner
Username: Guitarmansuperstar

Name: Will

Position: New Members and Community Activities Moderator

Favorite activities: Sim Racing, Photoshop, Guitar, hanging with friends, etc.

About Me:I've been around these parts a long time but I haven't been nearly as active as I should've. I no longer play sim city very much, i'm mostly into sim racing where I've recently finished runner up in the NiLMT 2012S3 Division 10 Championship, I should've won but I didn't do everything right and ended up 53 points back. If i'd run the whole season I likely would've finished 1st. Over there I regularly compete against real racers (Will Power, Josh Wise, Justin Wilson, etc.) I don't think i've logged in since I got my new pc so hopefully I can start changing that. Also, you can call me Will, everyone else does.

8 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-10-30, 12:13


Town planner
Town planner
Username: 7499275

Name: Rocky

Favorite activiites: Learing code, playing sim games and writing even though I'm not good at it.

About me: well its none of your business Razz


Click it!! ^

9 Re: Meet the Staff Thread on 2012-11-07, 18:04


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Username: simLink

Name: It's a surprise. Razz

Position: Global Moderator

Favorite activities: SimCity 4, The Sims 3, web development and HOCKEY!

About Me: I don't give much personal information out online, so... I am from Canada. I am an avid Montreal Canadiens fan (NHL) and love SC4 and TS3. I also am starting to explore web development, and am webmaster/founder of Simopsis. Smile

Updated: June 11th, 2013
HoltDistrict.DD | HD.Twitter | HD.Web | BoldNewHD | Simopsis

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