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1 Staff list announcements on 2011-08-08, 16:39


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
You've probably noticed that below a user's avatar, if the user is on staff or is a moderator, that it will show which staff positions they have and which boards they moderate. It is a community awareness thing that has been there for several months. It is not automatically updated, however, so when changes are made, sometimes we'll forget to update the profile stuff that needs to be changed. I've noticed that some of them are out of date or even incorrect altogether, or maybe we just forgot to fill out the fields, and I figured it was time to work on that a little when I noticed that 7499275 was listed as the forum games moderator in the fields (actually, he's one of two WW2 moderators). I just wanted to ask users to help us out a little: If you notice something where the staff list or profile fields are out of date or incorrect, feel absolutely free to point it out. It would really help to keep things up to date (it's a bit hard and quite stressing to check through all of the fields, and I've already checked a lot of them).

Right now, the profile has two fields. One labeled "moderator" and the other labeled "staff". The "moderator" one is used only for members whose only staff positions are to be moderators of those boards, and the "staff" one is used for users who have other staff positions (which may include being the moderator of certain boards, but "staff" covers other positions, such as "leader of the SSS", or "admin" as well. ) It is done like this so that for the users that are just moderators, we don't have to say "staff: moderator of board Y and board Z", but we can simply say "Moderator: board Y and board Z" to save space. We never fill out both fields for a singe user and it will only show up under the avatar of users where one is filled. I mostly say this so that you can understand why it shows up differently on some users than on others, but if we've made a mistake there, please let us know as well. It is complicated business, and it's quite likely that mistakes were made there as well.

Things that should show up in the staff fields:

* Moderators. It should also accurately show which boards they moderate.

* Administrators (currently just me and Mayorm)

* The leader of the SSS will have that filled out for his field as well. (Currently K50 leads the SSS, so it was filled out on his profile. )

Things that don't show up on the staff fields:

* Chat moderators (those will probably be filled out soon, however)

* SSS members do not currently show up in the fields either.

* Members or leaders of any other group will not have staff fields filled out either.

* Things like MOTMs and People's Choice awards aren't filled out either, and that's to avoid taking up to much space. Currently, both are lead by K50, but he already has "leader of the SSS" filled out. MOTM winners have an MOTM field, however, to show that they've won, and People's Choice winners have a very complicated system that basically works the same way.

Also pertaining to staff fields, if you have any suggestions to make this simpler, please feel free to suggest it. Ideas are welcome. Smile I did actually finally fix the issue of the staff fields being too scrunched up with the other fields. I moved them from just above the people's choice fields (or at the bottom of the people's choice fields aren't filled out), to the very top, just below the ranks themselves, and put space between that and the next field. (Originally I changed the color, but it didn't look right so I did that instead. )

About the Official Staff List:

K50 manages that. He periodically updates that one. Typically, it's updated every few months. You can check that for a list of staff positions that's all in one place. You'll have to ask K50 for more info about that.

Thanks, -blakesterville.

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