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Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
Hello and welcome to the First Simmania seminar we have had in several months. This seminar which we refer to as the (January seminar) will be on the history of the Tianic. So right now if things go well, we will be doing
one seminar/month. These seminars are planned to be held near the beginning of each month. I would now like to introduce our guest speaker for today's Titanic seminar- Many would know him as Titanicbuff, but those close to
him call him "Michael". Without question Michael is our foremost expert on anything related to facts, history, and really any aspect assocaited with the great yet tragic story of the Titanic. In addition to being the first
winner of the prestigous First Simmania seasonal award for the autumn of 2012, Michael is also one of my best personal friends in chat. At this time at the request of myself and Michael, I would like to ask that we observe a few moments of silence, approximately one minute for the temporarily lost souls of RMS Titanic.
[moment of silence]
Finally, I would like to ask that all questions be held until the main body of Michael's presentation is completed. Clayton will be moderating today's seminar. So without further ado, let's have a warm welcome and big round of applause for Titanic expert and historian, Michael!!

[part 1]
Thanks for coming everyone, and thanks Brian for the introduction. This seminar is on the RMS Titanic, a ship of the White Star Line, The Titanic was the largest steamship of her day and was 882.6 feet long and weighed in at 46,000 tons. She had a top speed of 24 knots approx, and the highest speed she ever attained was 22 1/2 knots. During her sea trails on April 2, 1912.
She was designed on a cost plus basis meaning the shipyard of Harland and Wolffe would build here with the highest quality materials and would bill White Star Line. She featured 2 reciprocating 4 cylinder, triple expansion, direct acting inverted type engines running at about 30,000 HP that were reversible. She also featured 1 low pressure steam turbine engine running at 1,600 HP that powered the center screw. The drawback was this was not reversible. The steam turbine ran at 215 PSI.
The ship featured 16 water-tight compartments to prevent flooding. They were designed so that with two filled she couldn't sink and with four filled she could stay afloat long enough for rescue. She was built with three million rivits for her inch thick steel plating. The Titanic featured 14 double acting Welling type davits with Murry disengaging gear. This allowed for a total of 32 life boats. However the Titanic and her sisters had 20 lifeboats - 16 standard and 4 collapsible boats were on board. Two of the main boats were for emergencies like a man overboard situation and had a capacity of 40. The total accomodation for the boats was only 1178 people. Not nearly enough, the rule was based on tonnage and not capacity from the shipping act of 1898 when the largest boat was 10,000 tons. The Titanic's floatation devices were 3,150 life belts and 49 life buoys or life rings.
She consumed 825 tons of coal per day on a 7 day voyage and even consumed coal at port to operate things such as power and crames among other necessities. Here people consumed 14,000 gallons of water a day.
The capacities are as followed:
840 staterooms in 3 classes. 416 of these were for second class and two even had a private promenade with a bathroom.
There were 162 second class staterooms and 262 third class or steerage, steerage even had 40 open berthing areas.
The total capacity was 3,547 passengers and crew combined but here shipping list has a total of just 2,201 people combined passengers and crew.

[part 2]
In part 2 we will go over things such as famous people, wireless with the listening of what ships heard out there and a time line of the sinking. I also have a care package I want everyone to download - ?msd411?gxf8lgd2l
The famous people are an important part of the story. The part they play is vital to how they'd be in the end. The first is in John Jacob Astor, V. He was the richest man on board and worth $100,000,000 at the time. The 48 year old divorced his wife to marry his 17 year old mistress Madeline - they were returning to America from their honeymoon. She was 5 months pregnant and was traveling with her nursemaid and maid and he was travling with his man servant. He put her in a lifeboat and asked permission to go with her. When denied he quietly returned to the ship and headed to the kennels, freeing all of the dogs including his and Madeline's airedale - Kitty. Unfortunately he died beneath the falling forward funnel. His body was identified in Halifax, Nova Scotia by his son Vincent. Madeline gave birth in August of 1912 to a son, John Jacob, VII.
Now the Duff Gordons, Sir Cosmo and Lady traveling under Mr. and Mrs. Margan and booked in separate staterooms in first class they were one of the high dramas of the night. She was a dress designer - Lucele. When escaping in lifeboat one of the emergency boats with just 12 on boards the crew overheard Lady Duff Gordon say to there maid - "Your beautiful night dresses - gone". Upon hearing this the crew stated "you can get more right." She answered yes. They stated well our pay stopped when the ship and we lost our kits. Sir Cosmo offered to replace the lost kids at 5 pounds a piece. This good gesture didn't sit well - with 12 on board a boat meant for 40 they never went back and it was said the 5 pounds was a bribe not to go back. This nearly ruined Sir Cosmo's reputation. But that was not the only ill idea that he had. Upon rescue him and Lady Duff Gordon posed with the rest of the group for a photo. While it may be funny normally considering what happened it was really ill devised when the photographer said "say cheese".
Benjamin Guginhiem - by far one of the best ways to go down with the ship was what Guginhiem and his man servant did. The 56 year old returned to his stateroom where he and his man servant took of their warm clothes and lifebelts, and put on their tuxes. Their room servant asked why he did this. He stated "Because Johnson - we are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen - no woman shall die because Benjamin Guginhiem was a coward." Johnson was asked to deliver a note to Ben's family should Johnson service - he did. Ben was last seen sipping a brandy.
Molly Brown of Denver, Colorado was one of the main characters in this night of high drama, after getting a boat she grabbed an oar, when the lookout in charge of the boat refused to go back she encouraged the ladies to row and even gave up her coat to a fireman who sat shivering and therefore saved his life. Upon return she was known as "unsinkable".
Thomas Andrews, the ship's designer went down with the ship. He was last seen in the first class smoke room. He left behind a wife and daughter.
Ida and Isador Straus went down. He was a former Republican senator from the state of New York, a former Civil War drummer and at that time was part owner of Macy's. Offered a spot in a lifeboat due to age he refused. Upon doing so his wife said "we have lived together and will die together." They were last seen chatting away on a bench.
Joseph Bruce Ismay was the son of the founder of the White Star Line. Upon his dad's death he inherited the company. Feeling pressure from J.P. Morgan he sold the company to Morgan, and therefore the White Star Line became an American owned company. He left in one of the collapsibles, but regretted it the rest of his life. He died of a stroke in 1937.

[part 3]
I have the distress call for people to hear. Thing is no recording of the original exists. About half-way down the page you will see it: http://www.modestoradiomuseum.or?g/titanic%20cqd%20code.html
When asked to send a distress call officer Joseph Groves Boxhall issues a position. Captain Edward John Smith wrote the following in which was sent: "CQD CQD SOS Titanic Position 41.44 N 50.24 W. Require immediate assistance. Come at once. We struck an iceberg. Sinking."
Responding was the RMS Carpathia. Her captain Arthur Rostron had the ship turned about. He issued orders to ensure safety. Carpathia's top speed was registered at 14 knots. However Rostron ordered all things taking up extra steam to be shut off, so the ship made a record speed at 17 1/2 knots, arriving at the sinking after 3 1/2 hours. By this time the Titanic was lost.
Over the years questions were raised on the Titanic's position. The distress call was wrong. The final resting place was 41.43 N 49.56 W.
In the final segment I will go over a timeline of the sinking.
11:40:30 PM April 14 - Strikes iceberg at 21 knots.
11:50 - 4000 tons of water are already inside. Mailhod is flooded and 5 compartments are breached.
Midnight - The bulkhead between 5 and 6 is breached.
12:20 Am April 15 - 2 rows of portholes underwater, half of which are open.
12:40 am - Water rises over closed hatch and begins to file the seventh compartment. First boat launched.
12:45 am - First distress rockets fired. Bulk head between 5 and 6 boiler rooms breaks.
1:20 am - Stairwells now full of water.
2:10 am - Begins final plunge, after boiler room, 4 bulkhead breaks.
2:11-2:14 am - Grand staircase floods, forward funnel collapses.
2:15 - 2:17 am - Boiler room 3 collapses, ship begins to break apart.
2:17 am - Ship splits in half. Power goes out. Forward part begins its final plunge.
2:18 am - Engine room begins to flood as stern begins to rise.
2:20 am - Stern goes under.


SC4 insomniac
SC4 insomniac
It was a great Seminar Very Happy

Thank you for all the great info Titanic


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your welcome-I had fun

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I missed the body of the presentation so thank you cheese for doing the transcript for us. Interesting stuff though titanicbuff, you done a great job on it!. Applause


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As I missed the most of it, I read through the entire transcript, and I must say, very well done Michael

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