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1 Skimbo's DL showcase on 2010-10-05, 14:46


Gets tons of email
Gets tons of email
At the moment I've only got two released maps and a golf set.

You will need a Simtropolis account to be able to download them from the STEX (I guess you've got one anyways Very Happy )

Dragon Golf club:

A fictional golfclub useing high quality props and textures to beautyfy your cities.

DOWNLOAD and desc

Andera Islands:

Andera Islands is a giant, the biggest region I've ever buildt... and probably the most beautiful one.

Have fun on (!) 172, mostly large, some medium tiles (!)

Mega TF pic



Dragon Islands:

My CJ map, released at the same time like my CJ, 5 by 5 large tiles

TF Pic:



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2 Re: Skimbo's DL showcase on 2010-10-05, 23:22


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
Both of them are beautifully executed... nice work!!

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