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Our new Beta Tester Programs Opens on May 1 2013!

After all of our hard working, we had made lot of improvements, upgrades and bug fixes and guess what? is getting ready for our official launch, however we need your help! We will offer limited numbers of beta testers to try our service out and help how we can serve the community better. This will be the first and only one online community that will not offer what we have. We’re being honored to be here and serve you.

The catch? Nothing! It’s now open to everyone!

You can display your artwork with our simple amazing services as well!

See you there, all at Smile


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
I like the concept, and the site's design is also very simple and nicely done. Looking forward to it Very Happy

_______________________________________________ - a new creative showcase community


Thank you all and look forward to see you there more often Smile


Just added:

Our new Gallery now offer you more powerful feature is being now available for all Members.

Our features:

Media uploads: Users can upload images, music and video straight from their profiles.
Activity uploads: Users can attach media to their status updates.
Drag and drop/ Multiple file uploader
Mobile uploads: Media can be uploaded on major mobile platforms (Android/iOS)
Social: All uploads show up in the activity streams. Other users can favourite and comment upon media.
User Albums: Uploaded media can be organised into albums
Groups Supported: Users can upload media on Groups, as well!
HTML5 playback: with fall back to flash/silverlight player support
Privacy: Users can control access to their uploaded media
Enhanced media management: including sorting, moving media between albums, etc
Advanced Image Editor: Use the Dashboard media editor on the front-end.

Enjoy at the last all @ Smile

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