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1 Caravet - A minecraft World on 2013-04-19, 13:07


Dreams of reaching Cheeseguy status
Dreams of reaching Cheeseguy status
Here's the pictures of my newest creative world. I'm roleplaying this world and having fun. My character has a power called The Aurik and he can think any block or item into existence. He then plops those items by hand, so he still has to work.
The world is called Caravet and it's a seed I used before in minecraft version 1.0 but it's like being on a totally different world since new biomes have been added since 1.0 and the seed generation is slightly different.
[/begin character]_

My name is Contlen Teflin, and I am an Aurik from an Aurik family. The Aurik is a power that is in some families. I'm still young so the power isn't very developed and I'm still discovering new things everyday. I can teleport and I can think things into existence. Those powers are nice to have and I'm glad I don't have the power to think what I want to build into existence. I build with my hands same as the regular people. Some of the regular people are scared of auriks and lock us up. They won't listen to us when we say every Aurik has different abilities and only some are mean. (I'm not mean, I'm very nice.) The crew of the ship that I was on were regulars and after my dad went down to the planet to study it, the crew confined me to quarters as they called it. It was still being locked up. My dad's a scientist and he 's Aurik too but has only one power, which sometimes happens in Aurik families.
I'm here on the planet because the ship blew up. The ship rippled like it was a reflection in calm water, and then fires started everywhere. I got scared and wanted to be somewhere safe, like the planet my dad was on. And then the noise of the fires was gone. My eyes were closed so I opened them. I was on the planet. I knew about the teleporting power but I didn't know I had it. Unfortunately Aurik's don't have the power to teleport to another person. Me thinking "TP to Dad... TP to Dad" just won't work. But he's safe, and he knows I'm safe. I know this because he came to me in a dream. We're a long ways away from each other and agreed to stay in our part of the planet. We're both used to not being in the same room so to speak, but we can visit each other in our dreams.

After coming to the planet, I started exploring and went a little ways. I found a tall hill and a river and a bay that I stayed at for the night. In the morning I kept exploring and found a cluster of houses and then closeby i found a cave and that's where i built a tower.

I can fly, but traveling by rail is more fun. So, I built a track between the tower and the houses that I call the village of Nova.

I found a neat big room just under the surface and turned that into a shelter

Then I built the track from Nova to my neat underground place.

This world has animals. An animal that I call a Grunty kept getting on the tracks so I built a short wall with a fence on top to keep them out and it works...

After a while I wanted to go back to that tall hill where I stayed the first night so I did. I called this hill Drivesa.
I found a hole in the ground and went inside and it was deep and there were caves.
When I got back to the surface I built a tower over the hole...

Then I found a carved out place kind of under the hill and built a shelter there. I guess I like being underground.

I went back to Nova after a few days, then a few days after that I went back to Drivesa. I walked around the hill and saw an amazing place full of springs.

That's it for now but next time I'll tell you about my trip down the river that runs by Drivesa.

2 Re: Caravet - A minecraft World on 2013-04-29, 16:12


Dreams of reaching Cheeseguy status
Dreams of reaching Cheeseguy status
It's now many weeks later and I've discovered a few more powers. All my powers are: think items into existence and out of existence; use the items without them running out; switch from being safe from creatures to being attacked by them and back again; having no creatures appear at night and switch to having them appear (that one makes it possible to build even at night); fly; never have to eat (but I still keep animals anyway because I like having them around); I can't die when I'm in safe mode; teleport from site to site; and I can talk to my dad through my dreams. Life has been pretty good. I'm learning to live with the Aurik power thanks to my dad reassuring me about the strange new powers I've been discovering I had.
I've been busy building things. I've built several towers to mark various locations I want to remember. I've built railways and boatdocks and animal enclosures. And I'm never satisfied with how something looks. I have to change it somehow by adding to it or using a different material. I have to use my hands to build and I hope I never have the Aurik power to think buildings and other structures into existence.

That's enough talking. Let me show you what i've done since the last time I showed you.

At the Drevasa Tower I kept a couple of pigs and a chicken but they needed a larger more open place...

So I looked around and thought the land between the skenoma bay dock and tower would be good, so I set to work building a wall. I already had rail running past that area so I made a stop at the dock.

Here's where the railway going to skenoma bay crosses the railway to Lone Sheep...

Here's the Skenoma Bay dock and railway stop and storage room and entrance to the animal enclosure...

Here's a better look at the new spacious enclosure for the chickens and pigs...

Here's the area I call Skenoma river showing the railway bridge, railway stop, shelter, and the entrance to a gigantic sheep enclosure...

Here's a view of that enclosure...

And an inside view of the shelter which I built over a cave and that trapdoor leads to the cave...

I've built improvements at Lone Sheep in order to keep animals away from the dock and railstop there...

Here's a slightly different angle of Lone Sheep...

And now here's another view of the place where the Skenoma railway and Lone Sheep railway cross...
looking north

And now how my shelter at Drevasa looks now...

I noticed that some of my signs were misspelled and i mentioned that to my dad one night. He chuckled and said "no son, they aren't misspelled. You keep changing their pronunciation". "No I don't" I said defensively. "Yes you do" he said, "but don't worry, that's part of the heritage you recieved from your mother's side of the family, and it's perfectly natural." That made me feel proud. So I guess that means I'll always be rewriting signs. Next time I'll show you Drevasa South and more improvements at Lone Sheep.

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