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1 An Afterlife in Minecraft on 2013-04-10, 23:59


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
The first thing I felt was a cool splash across my body. The water was perfect. I let another ripple splash upon me and I was pushed onto a sandy shore. It felt like paradise. I was still half asleep at this point. A cool wind gust blew and another, more powerful wave splashed on my face and pushed me further on shore. As I started waking up I felt rather numb but hadn't lost all sensation. The ripples continued to slowly wake me up and as I regained sensation, a throbbing pain in my head began developing. I started opening my eyes and immediately shut them to keep the bright sun out. With some amount of exertion I lifted my head and attempted to open my eyes again. It was still quite bright but it was bearable this time.

I must have laid there for some time just letting the ripples and waves wash up on me. At that point for some reason I didn't care who I was, what I was, where I was, what I was doing in this particular location. I probably dozed off a few times for very short naps before I regained my energy. It took great effort, but I stood up and then I started gaining some strength. I started looking around and my sight was very blurry and distorted. I looked around some more off in each direction and slowly the blurriness and distortion ceased and before I knew it, I could see clearly again.

Then I was like a very young child. I was curious of the simple things which I saw around me and what they were. I focused for a long time on the lake... struggling but failing to remember what it was. After getting frustrated with myself, it came to me... Water. Tree. Grass. Mountain. All at once the entire English language just came back to me. But for a lot of these new words that I had instantly learned, I had no idea what they were, or what they meant. Then I started wondering what this place was... had I been here before and was this normal? Is it all a dream? I stood in the water and felt more ripples wash up on my ankles and immediately recognized that I wasn't dreaming. This was all real. Then came the question of what I was doing here.

I thought for a while about past events. Thoughts of buildings that seemed to be attempting to reach for the clouds.. the height was astounding to me. Thoughts of a building with a brick exterior.. a beautiful green lawn.. the most goregous flowers. I might have had the nicest looking lawn in the world. Large, hideous machines which moved forward in massive groups at an alarming speed, they were moving on what appeared to be flat rock with symbols and markings painted all across them.

Skyscraper, house, automobile, highway...

They all came back to me. I didn't know how I was associated with those. But I knew I was. It was amnesia. All I remembered were those little fragments of things you would normally see in a... city?

I couldn't focus on these for too long though as it was beginning to get late. Survival came to mind. I climbed the hill behind me and on the other side I was faced with distant swamp.. flat plains... lakes.. mountains. I could probably lay on that hill and look across the plains forever. But the nagging thought of simply surviving kept coming back. The simple thought of death in an untouched wilderness scared me enough to forget the fragments of what seemed to be a past life and focus on right now. Maybe in the future I'll meet some people who are also here with me, or at least have a pet of some sort to keep me company.

Shelter was an obvious priority right now. I would probably want to get to high ground, maybe climb a tree. I tried to find a tree of sufficient height. I walked for a few minutes and some of the most massive trees I've ever seen, at least from the pieces of reality that I did recall, came into sight. But what scared me is that it seemed to only suddenly appear, as if it was drawing itself out, as I walked near it. And why was the world so cube-like? Everything was made of cubes. There were no obvious answers to either, other than the fact that this place is different than what I was used to judging from the fragments of a past life. It was becoming clear that this was an afterlife now. Obvious in fact.

What dangers did the forest contain? And how long would it take? Navigating such a thick forest would probably be a chance to die, would survival elude me? I mustered up enough courage and quickly made through the forest.

Halfway there I encountered the most hideous looking monsters - surely this was death, wasn't it? But I didn't think was the case, as these monsters just looked at me and turned away. They resembled an animal I had seen before in the past life...


Then I couldn't help but to worry about food. Would the cows want to harm me if I tried to kill them? I'd have to do something, but for now I had greater priorities. I felt stuffed. I had no desire to eat whatsoever, so I obviously had higher priorities.. at least for a few days.

I finally found my way into the tall forest. It was overrun by bushes, vines and other vegetation. There were some massive trees but could I climb them? Falling probably meant death. I resorted to one last idea for shelter.. digging into a hillside. It wasn't ideal, but it was my only option.

I began clawing at the dirt, and after only a few minutes I had already carved out a nice shelter. It was dumbfounding that I could dig all of that up so fast with my bare hands, I thought that maybe this whole after life thing isn't so bad actually.

The sky then began to darken. Could I survive the night here? What creatures would climb through the hole? The dirt was surprisingly stable around the entrance but I had to seal up that hole somehow. All I could do was dig deeper into a corner out of sight and hope nothing would notice me.

This would have to do, I thought. The idea of a sufficient shelter was great to me. I had to figure out some way of going about this if I survived tonight.

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nice, fun

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Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
titanic - it is a fun game Smile

I couldn't sleep that night for fear of any animals crawling through the hole in my shelter. I stared outside watching the moon rise and stars come and go. I heard the clucking of what seemed to be a wild chicken, but so far nothing hostile seemed to be around.

Despite the fact that it looked safe, I still didn't trust that it was. I sank back into my hole but the clucking of that chicken and fear of any unknown hostile creatures kept me awake.
Maybe I had nothing to worry about? Even if I didn't, it was dark and I couldn't see. Not a good time to be going outside to begin with. I would also need my sleep for tomorrow. I'd have to get somewhat set up in this world. Shelter was a top priority, then came food. Those were the only two things I actually cared about at that point.

With effort I managed to doze off, but no sooner had I fallen asleep, I was awoken by a distant rattling noise. I thought of angry creatures of some sort wanting to attack me. But the sound was so quiet it shouldn't have awoken me. I simply didn't understand why I was being so startled by everything that can and will make the quietest noise in the night. But then I felt a cold chill rush up my spine when the sound drew near. But then it got distant again. I concluded that something was making noise as it walked around. It then suddenly stopped as soon as I started hearing it, so I fell back asleep.

The first beams of sunlight poured into my shelter. I dozed off again and by the time I had woken up for the third time the sun had risen and it was a beautiful day. I really didn't know what kind of monster would be waiting outside for me, but the only thing I kept hearing was the chicken. The rattling wandered off some place else. The disadvantage to simply being here was that I couldn't see a thing through the thickness of the vegetation.. maybe those plains I saw earlier would be more hospitable. Jungles.. deathly frightening places, they are.

I probably did the most stupid thing by coming here, and I wanted out... I simply needed to get out of this place. Overcoming my fears all at once I crawled out of my hole and ran through the woods which I had come through to get there. Soon enough I was safe near the place I had woken up at yesterday.

I found a few tree branches which had fallen off. I grabbed sticks off of them and used them to try to break apart the larger branches. This proved to be very difficult but I eventually had an entire tree that was about twice my height cut up. This would be very beneficial to my survival. I had water, a very primitive tool or weapon and a way of some sort to make shelter.. I thought that I could definitely survive. I wouldn't even have to make shelter though, a nice warm water pond partially underground with a clearing in the side of a hill that I had found would suffice greatly. I moved some dirt around to seal up the entrance except one small hole.

After some work I managed to remove all of the bark from my wood. I could probably make a sturdy bench from refining these materials.

I set down my sturdy wooden table. This would work well for construction of tools, weapons, anything I needed. The next thing I did was took some of my leftover sticks and made a primitive pickaxe. Hopeful that it would cut stone, I attempted to break some of the stone surrounding me. Sure enough, it worked! The pickaxe was damaged after carving out a few blocks, but I could use this stone at a later time to make a more powerful, durable pickaxe.

It was probably mid afternoon by now and all my work was making me hungry. So I decided to make a knife of some kind... almost a sword out of the stone I had cut up. I took my wooden pickaxe to make a blade.

I crawled out of my shelter and looked around.. rather hastily since it was going to be getting dark soon. It wasn't too long before I slayed a cow and took its meat and some of its hide. Both would be extremely useful. So I carried my hide and meat back to the shelter as the sun began sinking.

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