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1 Official Filecave Support Thread on 2013-03-07, 20:36


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
The filecave is our official file exchange here at Simmania, and this is our official support thread. Feel free to post here if you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions, or comments about the filecave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Filecave require separate registration?
No, except to upload. The filecave does not use your Simmania account, but allows anonymous commenting, downloading, and rating. We still recommend registration for everyone, however.

Why is the upload limit 7mb?
The upload limit is 7mb due to a limit on the server. If your file is larger than 7mb, feel free to drop us a PM, and we can manually host it on dropbox instead.

Do uploads have to be approved before they go live?
No. Uploads are immediately public as soon as you upload them.

Can cities be uploaded?
Due to the 7mb limit on the server, we cannot efficiently host cities. Also, the dependencies when hosting cities can be difficult to keep track of. For this reason, we don't host city files. Maps and regions are allowed, however.

What file formats are supported?
We support the .zip, .rar, and .7z formats. We recommend compressing using 7-zip (A free file compression utility) since 7-zip usually shows much better compression ratios than most other compression utilities (including winzip). 7-zip is also able to extract .rar files.

Who moderates the Filecave?
Blake - Filecave Admin
Simlink - Filecave Admin
Samerton - moderator

Why are the number of images limited?
The filecave requires a thumbnail and a primary image. In addition, you can upload two additional images, if you would like to. The reason we don't allow more images is to preserve server space; however, if you have more, feel free to post links to them.

Can I do advanced searches of content on the filecave?
For SC4 content, it is possible to run advanced searches. Just click the "advanced search" link at the top. This is one of the primary improvements over Filecave 1.0, so we hope that you will be able to find what you need. Smile

If you cannot log in, please use the password reset. We recently had to transfer users, but for privacy reasons did not transfer passwords with them. Some users have reported that the password reset does not work, however. If that is the case, please contact either Simlink or myself, or leave a reply below, and we will manually reset it for you. Smile We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports, or comments, please leave them below. Smile

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