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1 March 2013 Seminar Transcript on 2013-03-02, 23:04


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
(18:03:47) brian: hello everyone and welcome to simmnania 5th seminar.

(18:04:00) brian: Today's seminar will be on Mine craft.

(18:04:14) brian: 2 main topics will be covered in depth today

(18:04:25) brian: 1) Food strategies

(18:04:39) brian: 2) the mine cart system

(18:04:56) brian: Our guest speaker for today and I think you all know him is Josh.

(18:05:08) brian: Josh is one of our experts in chat on the mine craft.

(18:05:20) brian: Josh is one of our most helpful members in chat.

(18:05:34) LotCreator: Hi Razz

(18:05:41) brian: He has helped out most of our members at one time or another

(18:05:52) Audley: Hello, Josh

(18:05:55) brian: and in many different ways.

(18:05:59) Halen_of_Denmarke: Hey Josh :p

(18:06:09) brian: josh is the winner of many various awards in the community.

(18:06:19) brian: some of the highlights of these -

(18:06:32) brian: Community Center (2010), Teacher of the Year (2010)

(18:06:44) brian: And most recently this past month Josh was the winner of

(18:07:01) brian: the DDOTM for February for his great DD- Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory

(18:07:11) brian: which is developers diary of the month

(18:07:17) brian: for those that dont know this Smile

(18:07:20) brian: josh

(18:07:23) Halen_of_Denmarke: Congrats on that Josh Smile

(18:07:32) brian: lets give them a few to look at it ok Smile

(18:07:44) cheese: a few what?

(18:07:50) brian:​durham-v2-whitewater-territory

(18:07:55) brian: that it there

(18:07:58) Halen_of_Denmarke: I think he means pictures Josh

(18:08:04) Halen_of_Denmarke: yeah

(18:08:16) brian: ok u guys can also look after

(18:08:23) brian: we need to keep this movin Smile

(18:08:44) brian: So I now introduce to you Josh !!!

(18:08:51) Halen_of_Denmarke: I have already seen his cj brian. Anyway Razz

(18:08:57) brian: ok Smile

(18:09:08) brian: josh u have the floor my friend Smile

(18:09:28) cheese: thanks brian for your great introduction

(18:09:34) cheese: and thanks to all simmania members for the recognition Smile

(18:09:43) Halen_of_Denmarke: Your welcome Smile

(18:10:11) Audley: Can I ask a question real quick, besides this one?

(18:10:18) cheese: let's start with segment number 1 of this seminar

(18:10:30) cheese: sure

(18:10:31) Halen_of_Denmarke: Audley: What?

(18:10:53) Audley: At any point can we intervene and ask questions or should we wait till the end

(18:11:04) brian: good question Smile

(18:11:06) cheese: there will be a break halfway through

(18:11:11) cheese: ask questions then and after its over

(18:11:12) Audley: Even if the question relates to the current topic

(18:11:13) brian: i always leave that up to the guest speaker

(18:11:16) Halen_of_Denmarke: For snack and such Razz

(18:11:33) Halen_of_Denmarke: I think we should be able to ask questions

(18:11:49) Blake: A reminder guys. Please don't interrupt during the seminar unless it is during a time to ask questions. Thanks Smile

(18:11:51) Halen_of_Denmarke: It adds to the interestingness of the seminar

(18:11:53) Halen_of_Denmarke: anyway

(18:11:57) Halen_of_Denmarke: go on josh Smile

(18:12:01) cheese: ok let's not interrupt guys unless its question time

(18:12:06) Audley: Mmk

(18:12:11) Blake: It's up to Cheeseguy when questions can be asked.

(18:12:12) cheese: so let's begin

(18:12:35) cheese: In Minecraft survival, and in many adventure games, there are two main things to consider - food and combat. Eating doesn't necessarily follow a realistic process in Minecraft, for instance you aren't eating three meals a day and you don't have to worry about the... consequence... of eating.

(18:13:10) cheese: The most important thing is to maintain your health bar and hunger bar (the food bar) and to do that, eating is important. When the food bar is full or near full (9 drumsticks or higher) you will regenerate health at an agonizingly slow 1 heart per 8 seconds

(18:13:15) LocoBot: Towncrafter enters the channel.

(18:14:00) cheese: This is extremely slow obviously, so one strategy to follow is to eat only when you need to instead of eating when the food bar stops to drop. But if the food bar completely empties, in essence, you can starve to death (literally if the difficulty is on hard, on easy your health points are reduced to 5 hearts, on medium they're reduced to 1/2 heart).

(18:15:10) LocoBot: Halen_of_Denmarke logs out of the Chat.

(18:15:39) cheese: When you generate a new world you start with full health and hunger so you don't have to worry about eating for a while and that lets you get the one primary concern in the first few days out of the way: safety.

(18:16:09) cheese: After that it's very important that you maintain a constant supply of food from crops or animal husbandry (we'll get to that in a minute). It keeps you alive and saves time and effort because you don't have to hunt.

(18:16:23) LocoBot: Halen_of_Denmarke enters the channel.

(18:16:53) cheese: Time management and efficiency is a key strategy as the days are short and nights are dangerous.
Adding efficiency wherever possible is not only fun but gives you more time to build other things, such as a town, or you can go on an expedition or whatever else you may want to do, whether its improving your shelter or mining.

(18:17:45) cheese: Another thing thats important to keep in mind is that it is possible to overeat - you can have two drumsticks that are empty and eat cooked meat that restores 4 - you'll waste food that way. So it's also a good idea to have a variety of foods on hand to restore different amounts of the food bar to avoid wasting food.

(18:18:11) brian: ya

(18:18:27) LotCreator: but varity expends slots Razz

(18:18:37) cheese: let's not interrupt...

(18:18:46) Halen_of_Denmarke: So Josh when you overeat nothing happens ( I have not played minecraft in quite a while)

(18:19:17) cheese: You can obtain food through raising crops which is established by placing water in a trench (or simply farming by a stream or lake), tilling the land with the hoe (what i'll simply refer to as a farmtool...) and planting seeds on the tilled land as they become moist.

(18:20:09) cheese: Then you can make bone meal and instantly grow the crops. Then when your farm expands (full grown crops will drop 2 or 3 seeds/carrots/potatoes, so you can replant) you can let them grow on their own to save time and bone meal.

(18:20:55) LotCreator: brb real quick

(18:20:58) LocoBot: LotCreator logs out of the Chat.

(18:21:01) cheese: also, with 1.5 btw, bonemeal will NOT instantly grow crops, it will take 2 to 3 bonemeal and take a few seconds

(18:21:12) cheese: and 1.5 is set to release sometime within the coming days

(18:21:15) cheese: anyways, continuing

(18:21:34) cheese: Another way of going about obtaining food from animals is animal husbandry or breeding. Roaming livestock do not despawn but at the same time they don't spawn after world-gen (only newly generated chunks after exploring the world will spawn new animals - after a portion of the world has been generated, no more animals will spawn, even after killing them.)

(18:22:13) cheese: So because of that, roaming livestock is very valuable. Use the appropriate food to lure animals into a room, stable, pasture, or any other area thats enclosed so they can't get out. For sheep and cows, you'll use wheat.

(18:22:28) cheese: For chickens, use seeds. For pigs, use carrots.

(18:22:51) LocoBot: LotCreatoronSteam enters the channel.

(18:22:54) cheese: Then use the appropriate food to reproduce the animals. Right click on two animals of the same species standing next to eachother using the proper food, wait a few minutes, and a new animal will appear. It takes about 10 minutes for it to grow, so don't kill the child.

(18:23:26) cheese: and now we will take a question break

(18:23:33) brian: ok Smile

(18:23:41) brian: well one thing i noticed..

(18:23:48) brian: maybe this is more of c omment

(18:24:07) brian: but at first it dosnet seem like you need to eat for awhile until your food bar starts dropping ?

(18:24:16) brian: but once it starts dropping , it drops Smile

(18:24:22) brian: but if u restore it ok ?

(18:24:37) brian: does it start dropping faster the next time around than it would at the start of a game ?

(18:24:40) LotCreatoronSteam: DOes overeating keep the food bar stable?

(18:25:22) cheese: brian - well, what happens is each food has a value that PREVENTS the food bar from dropping for a while, and then after that value runs out it just goes haywire

(18:25:37) cheese: meats have a higher value that keep the food bar from dropping for a longer period

(18:25:55) cheese: so to answer your question, it really doesn't, it depends on the food you eat

(18:26:12) cheese: .

(18:26:12) cheese: LotCreatoronSteam- no, they don't keep the food bar stable

(18:26:30) brian: quite interesting josh, Smile

(18:26:30) cheese: you will still run out of food as you normally would even if you overeat

(18:26:34) brian: thanks for that

(18:27:16) cheese: any other questions?

(18:27:26) Halen_of_Denmarke: Yes

(18:27:34) Halen_of_Denmarke: answer my question from before josh Razz

(18:27:54) Halen_of_Denmarke: “So Josh when you overeat nothing happens ( I have not played minecraft in quite a while)”

(18:28:08) cheese: oh right

(18:28:13) cheese: no, nothing happens

(18:28:13) Halen_of_Denmarke: Razz

(18:28:17) Audley: I prefer

(18:28:18) cheese: you simply just waste food

(18:28:22) Halen_of_Denmarke: it just stays mnax

(18:28:25) Halen_of_Denmarke: alright

(18:28:28) Halen_of_Denmarke: max*

(18:28:34) cheese: yeah

(18:28:35) Audley: Instead of growing wheat or farming for meat

(18:28:44) Audley: To just make a watermelon farm

(18:28:55) Audley: Which restore one point of hunger

(18:29:13) Audley: You can grow massive amounts of it at a time

(18:29:32) Audley: Since it drops a lot of seeds

(18:29:42) Audley: Just my take on food

(18:29:42) cheese: Audley- well, the problem with that is

(18:29:48) cheese: in the event of an emergency

(18:30:08) cheese: your food bar is at like 3 and you're in a cave swarming with monstesr

(18:30:16) cheese: it takes 1.6 seconds to eat any food right

(18:30:35) cheese: that'd be about 11 seconds to restore your hunger bar

(18:30:41) cheese: which could be the difference between life and death

(18:30:56) cheese: so if you take that approach to food you have to consistently keep the food bar full which means constant eating

(18:31:15) cheese: but anyways, anyone else?

(18:31:37) brian: looks like were good josh Smile

(18:31:42) brian: but some good Q's

(18:31:49) Audley: I could make a rebuttal but I am busy at the moment

(18:31:52) Audley: :\

(18:31:57) brian: heh ok Smile

(18:32:01) Audley: Also I don't want to get you off task

(18:32:01) brian: a rebuttal eh

(18:32:19) Audley: To each his own?

(18:32:38) cheese: alright, let's continue

(18:32:41) Audley: Good tips Cheese, if you are really being strategic about food

(18:33:02) LotCreatoronSteam: What is the maximum farm/water radius?

(18:33:09) Blake: A reminder, please don't interrupt until the next break. Thanks Smile

(18:33:18) cheese: LotCreatoronSteam- 4 blocks Smile

(18:33:27) cheese: after that the dirt will be dry and untill itself

(18:33:50) cheese: anyways

(18:34:04) cheese: In the second half of the seminar, we'll go over minecart systems and devices

(18:34:33) cheese: First of all, you have two choices for powering your carts: powered minecarts and booster rails. Booster rails are very expensive but are considerably faster while powered minecarts are cheaper, but move slower.

(18:35:08) LocoBot: towncrafter2 enters the channel.

(18:35:19) cheese: Powered minecarts could be used in conjunction with booster rails to push several carts up a steep hill at a time, if you're using them for mines instead of general transportation. But you'll need to carry a supply of several powered minecarts

(18:35:23) cheese: welcome back tc

(18:35:26) cheese: net is bad tonight Sad

(18:35:28) cheese: anyways

(18:35:59) cheese: This obviously isn't a problem so long as you send back half of them to the stopping point, for example 5 at one point and 5 at the other. For short distance travel (example would be going up and down mines) powered carts, IMO, are more efficient, but you can choose whatever you want.

(18:36:37) cheese: Now let's analyze how to launch off of a booster rail, a segment of rail traffic control. Rail traffic control can be used if you're sending many carts in several directions and can even be used to automate several things.

(18:37:17) cheese: You can, for instance, automate the activation of a minecart taking off when a chest fills to a certain point, when an entity such as a monster comes near or by simply pressing a button. This will be implemented in 1.5 which is expected to be released in the coming days

(18:37:26) cheese: the chest part of it that is

(18:37:29) cheese: the latter two can be done right now

(18:37:47) cheese: If you decide to go down the booster track route, the following setup is a basic launcher:

(18:37:53) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/1.png

(18:38:41) cheese: In this photo we see a button above the launcher. Place the cart on the launcher, get in, press the button, and take off. Generally the more boosters you place the more speed you will gain.

(18:39:14) cheese: Carts that are carrying cargo, an entity such as an animal or person will need a booster placed every 25 blocks or so on flat ground to maintain speed. On hills this decreases to around 6-8. On declines they are not necessary.

(18:39:37) cheese: Let's talk about an empty cart though - they require that a booster be placed every 10 blocks on flat ground and require an entire uphill segment to be composed entirely of boosters.

(18:40:19) cheese: Now let's take a look at how to handle incoming carts. It's a good practice to keep your outgoing and incoming carts separate. You can make your hub more efficient by doing a turnaround. A turnaround is accomplished simply by bringing the rail around so that it meets with the outgoing rail. Here's an example:

(18:40:25) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/2.png

(18:41:09) cheese: Now, for example, what if you wanted freight to follow a certain path but wanted passenger to follow a different path along your rails? A simple and partially automatic setup to do this would be to use a button.

(18:41:35) cheese: After 2 seconds, buttons will switch off and restore a setup to its previous state. This allows uncontrolled freight carts to go one direction and controlled ones to go another. Here's an example:

(18:41:41) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/3.png

(18:42:31) cheese: So our rail hub is looking crowded already. But there's more. What if you want a bell or any other redstone device to be triggered when running over a certain point in rails? This could be attached to a NOR gate for and pulse setup to create railroad crossings. This is extremely easy and can be accomplished with a simple detector rail. Here's an example:

(18:42:52) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/4.png

(18:43:34) cheese: Now, there may be a certain situation where a stopper track is full. You can either add different tracks to send the carts to. Here's an example of that setup. It's rather complicated looking, but is actually quite simple to do.

(18:43:40) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/5.png

(18:44:27) cheese: Now what if you want to do a rail intersection? At its most simple setup, they require two simple junctions and an overpass. Carts will move in the direction shown by the arrows with the current junction states in the following picture.

(18:44:38) cheese: You can apply the setup in photo 3 to this intersection if you want unattended carts going one way and passenger carts going another. Here's an example.

(18:44:46) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/6.png

(18:45:31) cheese: Let's talk about one more thing: junction state. Junction state can be confusing to new players, but it's extremely simple. This photo will explain it:

(18:45:44) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/7.png

(18:46:21) brian: nice Smile

(18:46:32) cheese: Take a look at the turn on the right. You will need a lever to turn right to the left to right track

(18:46:43) cheese: Or button to change the junction state

(18:47:13) cheese: Finally, experiment and play with all of these setups and come up with your own. These setups that I've shown are great for making rail more efficient, but you may want more, so play around and feel free to do whatever you'd like. Here's what the testing ground looked like after all devices were implemented:

(18:47:20) cheese:​0/SeminarPhotos/8.png

(18:47:42) cheese: Anyway, that concludes the seminar and the Minecraft Q/A will follow. Please feel free to ask any Minecraft related question. Thanks everyone.

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Town planner
Town planner
I thought seminars were on SC4?


Click it!! ^

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Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Seminars are on varying topics, including titanicbuff's past seminar on the Titanic. Topics are generally organized between the month's seminar leader and Brian, who typically organizes them. We try to cover a number of topics to keep things fresh. Smile

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