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A long time ago while ST chat was still usable, Maaten and few others talked about how did the power usage and production was used in CXL 2012 as well as modding it and on comparison with sc4. Along with some random junk talk, I paste that long forgotten log from yet another abandoned log from my log folder.

Begin transmition:
(Beware, long log, some background talk was removed)

mrtnrln: Someone brought up the RHW (SC4) vs RHM (CXL) topic today on the SC2013 forums Neutral

meister1235: mrtnrln: <3 lich willkommen Neutral

meister1235: mrtnrln: lols Neutral

timmystwin: RHWM

lot creator mrtnrln: lol Neutral

mrtnrln: timmystwin: PLAGURISM!

mrtnrln: Some say that CXL is easy to mod...

kj3400: pfft

timmystwin: Nah, I edited 1 texture.

timmystwin: It isn't

mrtnrln: My experiences are otherwise Neutral

lot creator breaking news: SC5 will be unmoddable due to EA policy

lot creator Neutral

kj3400: Neutral

meister1235: Neutral

timmystwin: (not in CXL, in RHW)

timmystwin: lot creator: mods = less DLC dolla

lot creator: its always possible FYI Neutral

timmystwin: so yeah

mrtnrln: Yes, I modded CXL once Neutral

lot creator: mrtnrln: Nice textures :O

mrtnrln: My experiences with CXL modding: if you play CXL with mods, it's quite crash-sensitive Neutral

lot creator mrtnrln: \Neutral/

mrtnrln: Like, crash on load, crash on start, etc. Neutral

lot creator ~Neutral~

meister1235: mrtnrln: ~Neutral~

mrtnrln: And texture override mods are applied... inconsitently Neutral

kj3400: Neutral

lot creator: mrtnrln: lol Neutral

kj3400: play cxl with mods

kj3400: you going to have a bad time:|

kj3400: you're*

mrtnrln: For instance, I had to make all-new texture files for the US roads mod...

katherman111: Maarten

mrtnrln: ... because the game kept on showing the old textures Neutral

timmystwin: why can't all games have simple archive invalidated switches like in FO X(

lot creator: mrtnrln: Neutral

mrtnrln: Oh joy ~Neutral~

lot creator mrtnrln: XD

mrtnrln: There are other things that kept me from hooking on CXL

lot creator: timmystwin: because games that were left out will be coming back and back and back.... something they don't want.

mrtnrln: For once, the statisics in CitiesXL...

timmystwin: lot creator: they wantz us to buy the new one each time Sad(

timmystwin: Bethesda is probably only allowing it as they CBA to re-program

mrtnrln: At one time, they can be awfully specific, while at other times they are really vague...

lot creator: timmystwin: you know thats not a bad idea Neutral

mrtnrln: You know precisely what the unemployment is...

timmystwin: lot creator: I wouldn't be surprised.

lot creator mrtnrln: Neutral yes

timmystwin: the PC is an unrespected platform

lot creator timmystwin: ~Neutral~

mrtnrln: However, you don't know the precise occupancy and capacity of any building in terms of residents or workspaces Neutral

lot creator: mrtnrln: SC4 isn't too far behind Neutral

kj3400: lot creator: ~Neutral~

mrtnrln: Moreover, you have no idea how much water/electricity/waste recycling/fuel/food you are producing

mrtnrln: You only have tokens...

mrtnrln: But how much is a token?

lot creator: mrtnrln: yay for tokens Neutral

mrtnrln: And how much tokens does a building produce?

mrtnrln: You ... have ... no ... FREAKING ... idea Neutral

lot creator: mrtnrln: so much for tokens Neutral

mrtnrln: In SimCity, you know PRECISELY what you're producing, like 5000 GWh electricity, or 10000m2 of water...

mrtnrln: In CitiesXL, it's just... guessing Neutral

meister1235: mrtnrln: 10000m³* Neutral

mrtnrln: Oh, they give you some kind of statistic...

katherman111: mrtnrln: idd

lot creator: mrtnrln: haha yes, CXL has... ah oil... unlimited Neutral

timmystwin: My city doesn't produce waste.

timmystwin: It's all recycled properly.

timmystwin: see

mrtnrln: A power plant is producing... "some" electricity...

lot creator timmystwin: I see Neutral

mrtnrln: But how much is "some"?

lot creator mrtnrln: 20 tokens Neutral

timmystwin: mrtnrln: A bit more than a little bit.

mrtnrln: Imagine two mayors, one from Sim City and one from Excell City (CXL)

mrtnrln: Let's head to their offices...

mrtnrln: First, we go to the office of Sim City...

mrtnrln: Advisor: "Mayor, we have power shortages!"

mrtnrln: Mayor: "Aw that's bad. How much are we underproducing?"

riiga: Build. More. Powerplants!

mrtnrln: A: "3000GWh."

lot creator riiga: trololol

riiga: lot creator: ?

mrtnrln: M: "OK, let's build a 5000GWh coal power plant here, so we have something to spare in the future."

lot creator riiga: that advisor is a troll Neutral

mrtnrln: A: "Okidoki", and the problem is quickly solved.

mrtnrln: Now to Excell City...

mrtnrln: A: "Mayor, the power is expensive."

peter007: I adjusted the tilling

mrtnrln: M: "Expensive? How much?"

meister1235: xboxturd: the sky Smile

mrtnrln: A: "I don't know, I just know it's expensive..."

mrtnrln: M: "Yeah right, very usefull..."

rugeley123: mrtnrln: when will you get into the final of eurovision?

lot creator mrtnrln: A: Neutral

peter007: I'mister incognito Razz

mrtnrln: A: *awkward silence*

metaknight919: lol

meister1235: mrtnrln: lol

mrtnrln: M: "How much are we underproducing?"

lot creator mrtnrln: (City goes out dark)

mrtnrln: A: "Well... um... a lot."

meister1235: mrtnrln: 1342 tokens Neutral

mrtnrln: M: "How much is a lot?"

mrtnrln: A: "I don't know!"

lot creator mrtnrln: M: You are fired!

mrtnrln: M: "What kind of advisor are you? I need numbers! Not some vague expressions! You're fired!"

mrtnrln: A: "You'll regret this... wait..."

mrtnrln: And the city goes into the dark...

lot creator: XD

meister1235: A: "i can't be fired!!!"

mrtnrln: By the way, I gotta go. Thank you for this comedy intermezzo.

mrtnrln: Bye!

End transmission.

Credits to their respective authors.

That's all for now, Idk if this belongs here but it isn't exactly a sc4 topic.Enjoy, I keep finding random stuff in my log locker Razz.



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