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1 Ingenu Linux on 2013-02-13, 11:07


Ingenu Linux is a Linux distribution I am making.

From the site:

Ingenu Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aiming at simplicity, which is coded by Shane Elmore, who is also known as Cloggedone. The distribution comes with very little software, aiming at the user to install the software they need. It comes with Chromium and a Cinnamon desktop by default. As of February 2013, Elmore is the only developer of Ingenu Linux.

Versions of Ingenu are supported for 2 years update-wise, 6 months for preview releases. This means updates are released within this time, and after that time, updates are no longer put out for that version, hoping the user gets the new version by then. Ingenu Linux attempts to stay somewhat up-to-date, containing the latest kernel and browser. Support is issued through message boards and chat, and is mostly user-supported. (Main site) (Forums)

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