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1 Aco's Minecraft Tutorials! on 2012-12-27, 01:15


Have you every wanted to install a fancy new snapshot but couldn't? Well, in this tutorial I will tell you how!

1. Download the latest snapshot from (hint: Snapshots usually come out every Thursday)
2. Save it to you desktop (or some other easy to access place.
3a. (Windows XP) Press windows+r and type in %appdata%. Press enter
3b. (Windows Vista, 7) Type %appdata% in the search bar in the start menu and press enter.
4. Find the folder named .minecraft.
5. Drag your snapshot into the bin folder
6. Profit!

I hope this tutorial was clear enough. If not, please don't hesitate to PM me


2 Re: Aco's Minecraft Tutorials! on 2012-12-27, 01:19

Ceafus 88  

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Awesome tutorial!

Ceafus 88
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