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1 An Alternate Universe! on 2012-12-09, 03:20


Hey again guys,

Universe Sandbox is an amazing game! So one day I was playing it and thought, "what if i could create a alternate solar system". Okay, that's not really what I thought, but it's still a plausible theory.

Orbiting a star named Muoshela (pronounce mOshEla, see pronunciation key below), an earthen planet lives. Joined by 9 other planets, it forms the Shelan System. The name of this planet is... (drumroll, please)


A lat/long map of roste featuring the tropics, equator, and polar circles.
Size information:
Mass: 9.5E+24Kg (1.585 earths)
Density: 5.58 grams/cc
Equatorial Diameter: 14812.4 km
Orbital information:
Postion: 3rd from Muoshela
Length of year: 22.3 Rosten months (1.86 earth years)
Length of day: 15.1 hours (0.62 days)
Length of month: 15 days (avg length, 0.5 earth months)
also read: Timekeeping on Roste
Description: Warm, Wet, Cloudy, Thick atmosphere (N2, O2)
Temperature Range:
16.4° C (61.5° F)
Day: 22.1° C (71.7° F)
I never said there weren't just planets...:
click to view full image...

Figure A: Diameter comparison of ALL bodies in the Shelan System

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