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1 SC4 on Windows 8 on 2012-11-02, 09:43


Re-post of my thread on ST.

I've seen a lot of people post they cannot run SimCity 4 on Windows 8, so I figured I'd post some troubleshooting steps. Note that some of these steps may help in other versions of Windows.

1. New drivers
In Windows 8, Microsoft tries to give you the latest drivers, however, this may not work 100% of the time. I'd reccomend going to your graphic card provider's site and seeing if they have a native Windows 8 driver available. Here are the sites to the major graphics card producers and their driver section:


You can check what card you have by going to the classic desktop, right clicking Computer, then Properties, and then go to Device Manager. It should be under Display adapters.

2. CPUCount trick
It is possible you are trying to run SimCity 4 on multiple processors. Since SimCity 4 was developed when multi-core processors were rare, it runs best on a single core. To fix this, right click your SimCity 4 shortcut on the desktop and click Properties. Under "Target", write "-CPUCount:1" without the quotes after the quoted path of the game. Example, here is how I have my shortcut configured:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -w -r800x600x32 -intro:off -music:off -audio:off -CPUCount:1

3. Make sure your SimCity 4 copy is updated to support modifications.
This should be simple enough, there are many posts on how to update your SimCity 4 installation to support modifications. The Steam/Amazon Digital/other digital game shop copies are pre-updated however, so no updates needed if you have that.

If you have any more tips, please tell me so I can add them to the post! Thank you.

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Frequently mentioned in the media
Frequently mentioned in the media
I've had Windows 8 for 2-3 months, and I've never had a crash for SC4.
I was lucky, because my graphics card is fairly new, there were drivers for it compatible with Windows 8 the day the evaluation version was released.

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3 Re: SC4 on Windows 8 on 2012-12-01, 00:11


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
When I tried the evaluation version it worked flawlessly (except for the install, i had to copy the files manually).

Mostly anything that runs on 7 will run on 8, much like programs for Vista were compatible with 7 and XP programs w/ vista.

4 Re: SC4 on Windows 8 on 2012-12-03, 20:18


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
Knowing Microsoft, that's a bit surprising. Razz It's definitely good that SC4 is still compatible with Windows 8 though.

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