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1 Will Goes Racing on 2012-08-12, 01:38


City Planner
City Planner
I've been talking with some folks at my local speedway and there's a good chance that by the end of the season (15 September) I'll be running some Legends Car races out there. I'm really excited, it's something I've been dreaming to do since I was a little five year old kid and now, nearly 17 I can almost taste it. Working some stuff out is one reason i've been less active, also have been on my simulator, which i've heard first hand is the exact same as the real car except the seat of your pants feeling you can only get in the real thing, and devoting time to that to help reduce my learning curve. I should have some pictures to post when everything is going on and who knows where it will end up after that. Smile


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I was wondering where you went Razz

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SC4 insomniac
SC4 insomniac
LOL K Razz

Good luck at the speedway hotman... I wish your hot rod is fast enough Razz


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