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1 Nominate for MOTM awards! on 2012-07-06, 15:33


MOTM awards are up and running strong, thanks to your support. We've had a very successful few months so far, but your nominations are needed every month in order for this to be successful. Here's how it works:

All nominations are sent to the "MOTM" account. (Without the quotes). You can nominate pretty much anyone on the website. Just don't nominate the MOTM account, or any banned user. Multiple nominations are allowed, so if you have two or three users in mind, feel free to nominate all of them. Also, be sure to include reasons with your nominations! Your reasons with the nominations have made a huge difference when processing the results! Smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find MOTM winners?
Each month has its results announced in its own thread on the SSS board. Old results are merged into one topic that can be found here. The results of the most ancient of awards (back from the first generation of MOTMs) can be found here. The thread is primary there for archiving purposes.

Does Simmania have EOTMs?
Not at this time, due to the smaller size of the community. If you have someone in mind, feel free to send in a nomination for MOTMs. Smile

Are MOTMs run year-round?
We will be taking a break during the winter due to People's Choice awards. Other than that, MOTM awards will be run most months, as long as enough nominations are coming in to keep them up.

When do nominations close for each month?
We don't have a set date each month. Generally, the results will get processed roughly one week before the end of each month, and will be announced a few days later. Any nominations that come in after results have been processed will go towards the next round.

Can one user win two consecutive rounds?
It is possible, but generally, we prefer to allow other users to win awards as well. Consecutive winners (winning two rounds in a row) will almost never happen. Usually a few months will pass before a user can win a second MOTM.

What does the MOTM team do when there are ties?
We have a new way of managing ties for 2013. If both nominees have good reasons with the nominations, we will give the award to whoever has received fewer site awards. If there is not a significant difference in the number of site awards for the nominees, we will look at the reasons given with the nominations. If one nominee has significantly better reasons given with the nominations, we will declare the winner based on those. Yes, we see ties quite a lot. The reasons given with your nominations do help!

Nominate today!​msg?mode=post&u=120


2 Re: Nominate for MOTM awards! on 2013-01-01, 19:01


Nominations are now reopened for 2013.


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