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1 Where are they now on 2012-07-05, 21:05


SC4 insomniac
SC4 insomniac
Hey guys, I figured we could have a little fun with our innactive forum members. So I started a new game...

Here is how it works
It is sort of like the other guessing games where Player 1 will give a name, other players will make guess where they are. And the player who gave the username will pick the best guess (or one they like the most) and then that winner will give the next person. Here is an example:

Player 1: Mayorm
Player 2: He is at the party for the Simmania Admins
Player 3: he is getting ice cream
Player 4: playing boss of the office Razz
Player 5: digging a hole in his backyard to take a vacation to the center of the earth. Very Happy
Player 1: Player 4 is correct! Very Happy He is playing boss of the office

Like I said above the guess is just for fun, the winning guess is really just what the person picks Smile
So with that said I'll start us off:

Where is bibipasni?


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2 Re: Where are they now on 2012-07-06, 17:06


SC4 insomniac
SC4 insomniac
He bought a bib Razz


"LOL K50 Razz is an illusion, and so is death."

3 Re: Where are they now on 2012-07-06, 17:34


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
They went to the flower market and got swallowed by a cow plant.

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4 Re: Where are they now on 2012-08-21, 14:29


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
To revive this game:

bibipasni is a clown and the cow plant at the flower market ate him Razz

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