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1 Association of Worldwide Nations on 2012-06-17, 04:27



member of AOWN, lenorian kingdom and others excluded. i will make a new one... Surprised

Association of Worldwide Nations or the AOWN. is a CJ Union.. begin in End of March 2012, near April. with the website forum: and wiki:

AOWN will continue to be developed. One of our Mega Project is the Worldwide Game and True AOWN Olympiad Games, which the members will actually match with flash-game based competition game. like football, tennis, badminton, swimming, etc. We don't have any roleplaying planet, but we accept any planet to be the AOWN Planetary Relationship.

by the way, AOWN is much simpler than other union. just fill your nations proposal with Proposal Bot, here:, then fell free to share anything and cooperate with another AOWN members. like Bridges from Central Logawa (Great Brotany) to Amsterbit (Fabit Country) or Fiber optic project from Fragrandse - UK - Lenorian Kingdom.

List of AOWN Members:
- Amnef
- Agroe Titania
- Fabit Country
- Honorable Sun
- Fisherman Federation
- Great Brotany
- Gugucul
- Lenora
- Fragrandse
- Ingdarida
- Simnation
- Unindad
- Matryoshka
- Al Baits
- Alviantov Federation
- Yogyakarta
- Your Nation(s)

That's only some about AOWN, more information, just visit the website!! Grandpa
JOIN AOWN NOW, you will not regret it!
thank you!

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Republic of Great Brotany
Join Association of Worldwide Nation (AOWN) here

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