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What is the SSS?
The Simmania Support Squad, abbreviated SSS, is a group of particularly warm-hearted members to help other members around the site. It was originally founded by Blakesterville, but was then handed over to K50. For those familiar, it is quite similar to the Simtropolis Help Squad

How can I contact the SSS?
If you have an account, you can contact one of the members via a private message, or you can a question in the help thread. If you do not have an account, you can contact me via my e-mail address ( I will reply to all questions, however, I ask you to please not spam my e-mail for my own protection. As you are probably expecting, you will be in hot water with the admins if you spam it.

What does the SSS manage?
The SSS manages the Member of the Month, or MOTM, awards. They are given out to positive personalities of the site. At the end of the year, the Simmania People's Choice Awards (SMPCA) take place in lieu of the December MOTM. They are simiar to the Trixies of Simtropolis. The SSS does not manage Simmania; I am not an admin of the site, though I run the SSS.

I have a question that doesn't relate to Simmania.
Questions not related to Simmania can be asked in the discussion forums. Do not ask non-Simmania related questions through the SSS forums, and especially not through the e-mail.

I want to be part of the staff of Simmania or the SSS.
To be part of the SSS, you should visit the application thread. We accept new members, though we cap the limit of members at eight. Moderators and admins of Simmania are picked at the sole decision of the administration team (which is not part of the SSS), and are not picked at request, but out of merit. The SSS can be used as a good tool to help you get to the Simmania administration, if you have interest.

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