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1 NAM For Begginers on 2010-09-25, 11:54


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
NAM For Begginers
This small tutorial instructs and covers some of the basic features of the new NAM. (Network Addon Mod)

Overall, the NAM is a highly detailed modd that adds new networks, curves, all that stuff. It is the most popular modd, and in my opinion, best stuff you can get.

First of all, unless you are getting just the guts of the NAM, as the link links to, you don't need the NAM essentials. However, should you want to get into the things such as the SAM (Street Addon Mod) or the RHW (RealHighway Mod) or the NWM (Network Widening Mod) , then you will need the NAM Essentials. They can be downloaded here.

Keep in mind that you must get the latest version of the NAM and NAM Essentials for the SAM, RHW, or NWM to work.

The SAM adds additional textures to the streets. What you do is plop a SAM tile, destroy the piece with the white background, and then go to the road menu, click the default maxis street, and then drag the street out from the SAM piece you plopped.

The RHW is my favorite. It is hard to use for newbies, but it is still fun. This basically works like the SAM, except you have ramps, and all those whatnots. Overall there is the RHW 2, RHW 4, RHW 6B, RHW 6C, RHW 8, RHW 10, MIS Ramp.

When in the highway menu, they pretty much stand out. They should be the good looking ones with the black asphault. Using the TAB key thumbs through all the different starter pieces. Meaning you choose the starter piece, and pressing TAB cycles through the different ones. You plop the one you want, and then choose RHW 2 and drag it from the starter piece.

Ramps almost work the same way, except they have to be plopped on your higway, and on the little road jutting out, drag the RHW 2 from it.

The NWM works the same way, except it adds lots more features and textures to the road and avenue.


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