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1 How to Make Rural Towns on 2010-09-17, 16:19


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
How to Make Rural Towns- A Vanilla Tutorial
By Joshriddle 1234
[center]If the folks over at EA thought we would build up, build bigger, shoot for metropolis all at once, then they clearly forgot about us who like to see cities evolve, or those who only use the rural method alltogether.

These days, ruralism is more popular then urbanismstarting to get our feet wet, people wanted urban, skyscrapers, it was drawn to our attention by the picture on the box.

Now days, you see CJs, DD, MD, or what you want to call them that have, lots of urban, alas, we still get the sense of ruralism, as well as suburbanism.

Since the beggining of the creation of CC (Custom Content), the usage of vanilla playing has dramatically dropped amongst the members of SimCity 4 fansites, who have a deep passion for city building games. I used to play that way. And now, I find it unnecesary. First because circumstances forced me to go vanilla, and it is easier, to load and play, cities. No complaining. No frustration, as there is with CC. We could customize the game to the nines. All we need is 20 gigs of plugins. We could spend more time managing our plugins then we do playing the game.

So today, I am going to present to you a simple tutorial. A tutorial that instructs on how to make realistic vanilla rural towns.

How to Make Rural Towns- A Vanilla Tutorial

Before you can even think of going for super rural areas, you must give out plenty of forest. I drown my cities in trees. That is why it is important to get trees while in God mode, before establishing your town. Just pack them in there.

Next establish your city. Make a good name. Look at the scenery, and go off of that.

Next you want to make a street and road layout that is eye catching, and that can be seen from the air. Below I have a picture of the road layout being used in this tutorial, the city is pre-established.

Once you have a road layout as shown, you want to start zoning in such a way, where there isn't stuff literally everywhere. Do a zone layout as shown in the teaser shot. Let it develop. By the way, there are commercial zones there, I just hid them using the Zoneria cheat.

After that is said and done, you may find that you have something like this teaser popping up in your city:

Looks pretty good eh? Let's continue.

Once we have a decent amount of residents, we need to take into consideration civics. I usually like to place my civics on street corners. They look best that way. If it is impossible or it looks better to place them on a street, without a street corner present, make one. As shown below

It also made it necessary to maintain a level of realism, and to keep people of the grass. Razz

The same civic technique can apply to the parks, as well as clinics.

Now let's move on. Now we have to take into consideration another thing. Water towers look best in extremely shady and wooded areas. We will put these on street corners, too. As shown below

Same for power plants, but keep them away from the city.

Commercial should be zoned along your roads, not streets, but make sure that they are roads that are heavily traveled, and they are ones that don't have any residental along them.

That concludes my tutorial on how to make realistic rural towns using vanilla content. If you have any questions PM me.


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Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
That's a very good start for the STG. Thanks Josh! Nice tutorial!

For those of you who don't know what the STG is, it is a project that the SSS just launched (for SSS members to work on) that attempts to bring tutorials to the site. The SSS is also attempting to launch a featured tutorial of the month (where the SSS releases a tutorial each month -- hopefully), but I'm not sure if that will work out well or not. It is also in the early stages.
Joshriddle_1234 has played a huge roll in launching this SSS project.

Also, just throwing this out, but for those of you who do not know who runs the SSS account, I have decided to make this knowledge public. I am Blakesterville.

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Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
Thanks! Got a farming one coming soon too.

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