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Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
This is one I have seen at several other forums, sometimes there is even a site's own forum amongst the boards for this, yet one of these has yet to show up here.

Basically a thread where our fellow photo editing, or general photographers can meet, swap, share, and discuss our pic manipulation duties.

I will give it a head start.

I guess this is the place where I will show off my tutorials and Gimped photos that I did. And I think the name is more than adequate. Since I am somewhat new to Gimp, I have only done some basic stuff, such as this one. I took a random image of mine and added rain and fog to it. I also posted a tutorial on how to do it. So without further-a-do...

[move]Creating Rain Effects in Gimp---Easy![/move]

1: Once you have your image opened in Gimp, go to the top, click layer, click new layer. As shown below

2: Once you click New layer, a popup box will come up. Choose these settings.

3: Make sure your colors are set to black and white. Next, go to filters, render, clouds, solid noise. As shown below

4: A popup box should show up, choose these settings. Don't worry about the picture turning into clouds. It is supposed to.

5: After you applied the settings in the above step, go to filters, noise, add noise, hsv noise. As shown below
[img width=232 height=186][/img]
6: A popup box should show up, choose these settings.

7: After you applied the settings into the above step, go to filters, blur, motion blur. As shown below

8: A popup box should come up. Set the angle to around 75-80%, length to around 10-15% As shown below

9: At your toolbox, click the layers tab, and there should be a slider that says "Opacity" above it. Demonstration below

10: Lower the opacity to around 50-60%, and you get this!

The quality would have been better with Photoshop, but I use Gimp as an alternative to PS.

I also took a random SC4 image, and applied the technique:

Enjoy, and stay tuned. Please leave your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Edit-Fixed the pictures

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You didn't give ilikehotdogsalot any credit... No but thanks for posting this! Smile

[EDIT] how could you do that with MS paint? Razz

"Thanks for the ropes you used to hold [me] down,
'cause when I break through I'ma use them to reach the clouds."

From "Thank You" by MKTO
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Need something?


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
Yes I must give hotdogs credit, however I interpreted it to Gimp. And MS paint is completely out of the question. Razz


City Planner
City Planner
Well I can do some alright nightlighting in MS Paint... I just do..

Shapes>Custom Shape

Then I change Outline to Marker
Change Fill to Marker, and then I darken what I want dark and lighten what I wish to be light.... I'm doing alot of different things in MS Paint.... just can't get that Photoshop working Sad

From last nights Sim Rugby World Cup opening Ceremony, the possibilities of MS Paint...but I could've even done better i'm sure...
Some sorta crowd there huh?


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!
If you drew the entire ball field the bright green it would be even better.

I am on Windows XP and don't really get those sort of features with MS paint. However I might be able to interpret it to Gimp.

Also if anyone wants I put that tutorial of mine on an HTML document. I uploaded it to my Windows Live SkyDrive, if anyone wants it they can download it .here.
@Will: I found Gimp to be no better than PS. If you want an advanced photo editor, download Gimp.

Really you can't do much with MS paint. However I use it for minor touchups or just doodles.

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City Planner
City Planner
lookin into it.... Smile Its alright but... I've already got PS so... just can't get it working...


Hides from the paparazzi
Hides from the paparazzi
I did my avatar in MS paint. Neutral


Simmania Junkie!
Simmania Junkie!

A basic tutorial. Without the need of pictures. Everything stays in the toolbox.

1: On the toolbox in Gimp, go to the Blend Tool
2: Lower to Opacity to 45% (slider is on the tab underneath the brushes. If you are in the layers tab switch to the brushes one)
3: Drag a line across the picture whereever you wish.

It should show that fade out effect on the picture. Going to edit at the top and clicking undo will undo the change. Try placing the line in different places as well.

Also experiment with the different types of blending. They are right above the opacity slider on a dropdown list.

(I did do some stuff with the blur and sharpen tool to add better effects.). Also the text and semi-oval in the corner were, affraid MS paint! Embarassed


Blakesterville Wrote:
I did my avatar in MS paint.
The text in the pic was MS paint. And My first avatar on Simtrop was MS paint and it was ugly. Yours is an airport map. Don't be ashamed.

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